Wednesday, September 16, 2009

New Rules for Tarot Readings???

O.k., Today I am aggravated and I will tell you why..
As you know I am a Tarot Reader and I perform readings for my local clients and my online clients. With that said...
This past Sunday I performed a reading for one of my clients. She had a very nice session and left feeling happy and confident about her future.
Now fast forward to today when I run into my client at the local coffee shop and she runs to my car so upset because when she left my house after her session she was telling her friend about her reading and a woman who was listening to her conversation felt the need to tell her:
"I am a Wiccan and no Wiccan should be performing any type of Tarot Readings on a Sunday because whatever is predicted will never happen and it was essentially a waste of my clients time"!!!
I promptly assured her that what this woman told her is complete and utter nonsense and for her not to worry at all. Her future was safe.
Honestly! Have people just decided to start making up there own rules now because I have been reading the cards for over 10 years, I have about 20 different decks, and about 30 books that I have collected and read over time and not ONE of those books says anything about not performing readings on a Sunday!
I believe it is Catholics who do not work on Sundays because it is considered God's day however I have yet to hear this new rule applied to Tarot Readings.
Also, I am not Wiccan, however I have read a number of books on Wicca and have not read anything to this effect either.
Has anyone heard of this and if so where did it originate from?

So, to the woman who lives in New England and tried to rain on my clients parade, "Keep your new rules to yourself"!


  1. Some people are so fully of s**t, aren't they? I've ready many things on wicca and like you have been reading the cards for many years and never ever have I heard that you can't do it on a sunday!
    I thought sunday was considered gods day by catholics? is this person coonfussed about their faith?
    Keep it to yourself newby, if you have no idea what you are talking about, go ahead and keep it to yourself!
    Some people, I can completely understand your frustration!

  2. Thank you so much Pixie! I am glad to hear from a fellow reader that you have never heard of this either! I thought the same exact thing, that Sunday was a Catholic rule because they consider it God's day.
    I believe she is very confused as well.
    And, a fellow Pagan would not pass judgement on someone else's practices either.
    Thanks for responding Pixie, I appreciate you taking the time to do so.
    Brightest Blessings for a prosperous day to you!